Cervical Neck Massager


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Cervical Neck Massager


Features and Functions:


– The Cervical Neck Massager reduces neck muscle tightness, headache and shoulder stiffness.

– This massager tool improves blood flow. Similarly, it uses the principles of traditional like Chinese medicine.

– This integrates four physiotherapy methods of low frequency electric pulses, magnetic effect, infrared thermal moxibustion, and pillow feel.

–  It soothes the neck because it has a constant temperature hot compress and multi-selector functions.

– The massager can relax muscles, also improves blood circulation in the neck and reduce the accumulation of lactic acid. 

– A DIY massager that uses of low-frequency electrical pulse. Hence, this will help relieve pressure, fatigue and pains from neck.

– An ergonomic design, to which follows the contour of the neck curve. So, massage may be more comfortable.

– Additionally, the massager can be used for daily cervical care, cervical injury, chronic strain and neck soreness.

– This massager is convenient to carry and a USB interface.

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