Cuccio Naturale Bronze Shimmer Butter, 8 oz


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Cuccio Naturalé Bronze Shimmer Butter


Cuccio Naturalé Bronze Shimmer Butter is gentle to hands plus tender to the whole body because butter provide an intense hydrating treatment for silky smooth skin.

It’s gentle and soft because it is a rich, creamy butter with a cosmetic bronze glow and soft shimmer. So it gives skin the intense hydration and nourishment.

Honey is a natural preservative that soothes, moisturizes, & adds vital nutrients while lactic acid from milk refreshes & stimulates the skin. 

It is naturally rich in fatty acids because it is from moringa oil, antioxidants and Vitamin C and mango seed butter. So, with Omega-9 to add rich hydration, along with vitamins C and E for additional nourishment and support.

Cuccio Naturalé’s total spa products for the hands and whole body have been crafted by beauty professionals and designers.

Using natural, non-harmful formulas, paraben free with plant derived and contain purified filtered water.

And it is Free from Animal Tests. So, enjoy the scent experience of Cuccio Naturalé and bring the Lush experience with you anywhere.


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