LED Face and Neck Mask


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LED Face and Neck Mask

7 Colors for different treatments:

Red light of this simple LED Face and Neck Mask is to renew and rejuvenate our precious skin. The mask help aid collagen to our facial tissue.

Blue light for treating acne, this will help clear the pores and tighten our skin while lessens the lines and wrinkles.

Purple light is the combination of red light and blue light, so functions for both red light and blue light.

Yellow light will give energy for the skin, improve immunity ability for the skin.

Green light is used to relax the skin, let the patient get relaxed from hard work.

Clear blue light for gradual enhance cell energy, have a good metabolism facilitating role.

Radium light can penetrate into the skin very deeply and can be used for the pigment treatment,

speckles removal and improve the skin.

There are also some other lights combination of the colors, so the functions are combined.


How the Skin LED Mask Works

LED blue light therapy helps kill the bacteria that cause spots, this provide a general rejuvenation effect to the skin.

Spots begin when the pores become clogged or blocked and bacteria start to grow, resulting in every teenager’s nightmare spots.


Functions of LED Face and Neck Mask

1. Improve symptoms such as aging and loosening skin, big pore, slender wrinkles.
2. Improve pigmentary pathological changes, such as freckle, sunburn, senile plaques.
3. Improve dark complexion caused by bad metabolism or poor circulation.
4. Repair and nurse the damaged skin.
5. Do reduction, diminish inflammation and scar elimination treatment for oil acne effectively.


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