Ms. W. Eye Massager Wand


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Ms. W. Eye Massager Wand


  • Anti-aging Eye and Face Light Therapy Massager
  • Reduces Dark Circle, Puffiness, Lift & Tightening Skin, Soothes Wrinkles & Face Lines using the Latest LED Sonic Heated Vibration Massage Therapy in the Market.
  • Slick Design Improves Energy Transport. Activates Skin with Magnetic Heating Treatment that Improves Nutrition Skin Care Products Absorption.
  • Provides Two Modes, Low (Blue) and High (Red) Speeds, Using its Intelligent Technology. Easy to Adjust Massage Functions.
  • Strengthens Appearance of Firm Skin. Promotes Elasticity & Tightens Skin, giving more Youthful Look & Feel.

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