Pro-Shield Face Shield


  • Used as a face shield to prevent fluid splashing
  • Foam headband helps relieves pressure

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Pro-Shield Face Shield



  • Pro-Shield Face Shield in general is for the use to prevent fluid splashing to the user’s face.
  • Foam headband helps relieves pressure.
  • Lightweight, easy-to-use mask for extra protection.
  • Helps shield eyes and face from moisture and vapor droplets expelled while talking, coughing, or sneezing.
  • Safe and comfortable housing made of high density polyethylene.
  • The full-face cap provides more coverage and protects the face from saliva droplets in the air.
  • Fully adjustable plastic headgear that can be easily moved up and down and fits comfortably with most goggles and respirators.
  • Cover Entire Face -The large size full face shield can protect face and eye from liquid splashes.
  • Wear a long time without feeling uncomfortable. With the foam strips and fix elastic bands hold shield away from the face, allowing room for goggles.
  • Anti-fog for high visibility makes you work more smoothly without blocking the view.


Pro-Shield Face Shield CAUTION: This mask does not protect against inhalation hazards.


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