V Shape Face Lift Infrared Light Beauty Device


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V Shape Face Lift Infrared Light Beauty Device


V Shape Face Lift Infrared Light Beauty Device:

  • The instrument: Penetrate into the skin layer, improve blood circulation, stimulate cell growth, so to give skin moisture.
  • Vibration mode: Tighten face contour, repair and maintain skin elasticity.
  • Red light irradiation:
    • Improve the activity of skin cells, promote metabolism.
    • Make skin produce a large amount of collagen and fill the fibrous tissue itself.
    • Promote blood circulation and enhance skin elasticity so it will prevent skin aging and oxidation.
  • Blue light irradiation:
    • It can quickly stop common skin inflammation, relax the skin and regulate the release of keratinocytes.
    • Cleanse and protect the skin, increase the absorption and repair of the skin so it will whiten the skin and lighten facial spots.
    • Can smoothen the skin, eliminate wrinkles, and shrink skin pores.
  • EMS microcurrent in V Shape Face Lift Infrared Light Beauty Device:
    • This releases micro-pulses current and stimulates under the skin tissues because this device uses EMS microcurrent.
    • Improves face muscle fiber elasticity, activates collagen activity so it will make skin firm.

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